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About our Chambourcin!

One of our customers forwarded this 2012 blog review of our Chambourcin (somehow we missed it). We believe the newest Chambourcin Riserva is even better and sure to be a crowd pleaser! Speaking of our 'reds' we are planning a Red Release weekend this fall. The details are in the works but we will have 2 new reds to release and boast about. Check back for dates! 

Top 15 Chambourcins
"4JG’s Chambourcin...This is a big, sophisticated red. Bold flavor up front, with nice acids and tannins, this wine is a statement for big, meat eating reds. It has shoulders big enough to carry a London broil or a NY Strip on its back. “You want grilling marks? You can’t handle grilling marks!” it seems to yell. You don’t gently set this wine down on the table, you kind of almost slam it down like you’re doing a steak sauce commercial. And then get ready for an experience. A great food wine."