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Family Craftsmanship

4JG's Orchards & Vineyards is located in Central New Jersey in a historic farming area. The winery is named after the four founding family members. The Giunco family has farmed in Monmouth County for over 60 years. At the heart of every bottle of 4JGs wines you will find a commitment to growing the best grapes in New Jersey. The grapes in our wines are not just our ingredients, but our way of life.

Since 1999 our family has been making wines on our estate. Each year we carry out the cycle of growing grapes and turning them into award-winning wines. 4JG's attention to good farming practices and careful selection of rootstock that grow well in the soils of Monmouth County has already produced many award winning wines. From winter pruning to fall harvest, the vineyard is closely monitored and maintained to guarantee the wine grapes are exposed to the best combination of hand crafting, sunlight, and water.

4JG's winemakers follow a simple philosophy that only the best grapes grown on their farm are selected to go into the bottle. All of our fruit is sustainably farmed and hand-harvested. We hope you find our wines enjoyable and delicious, whether you are a long time customer or just discovering 4JG’s.


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Housed in a historic farmhouse we strive to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Join us to sample our wines and be part of the family!